The truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God

When my daughter was young, she was told in school that God is everywhere and that God sees everything. That evening home at dinnertime, looking at her spoon, she said: "God is on my spoon" and she took a bite.

When I was in India, working on my book ‘Banaras, City of God, Heart of India’, the priest of the Adi Vishveswara Temple taught me: God is Omnipresent.

When we see and look around us, we can say with certainty that 99% of what we see is true. And everything we see must have an origin, it must come from somewhere.
For me, that is God, the origin of everything. Sounds pretty simple, does it not?

Now, not everything we see and hear in the news and in the media is necessarily true.
That's where the cookie starts to crumble ..

Everything we hear or read, be it in books, on the TV, in our grandfather's stories or in your dad’s favourite newspaper, even what the teacher tells you in school, is someone's opinion.
You should investigate whether that is the truth or not and decide for yourself!

This is Dave, the priest of the Adi Vishveswara temple in Banaras, and his son, looking in the camera, is holding the lantern.
Adi Vishveswara priest Dave