00-01 - About This Course

" .. how does it happen that very young children, all of whom quite naturally absorb great quantities of visual information, grow up to be visually illiterate? The answer, as far as I can make out, is that this early capability is simply beaten out of them by the educational process."
NELSON George, 'How to See' A guide to reading our manmade environment (1977)

00-01 - About This Course

"De situatie van de kunstzinnige vorming binnen het onderwijs is immers ronduit beschamend te noemen. Niet alleen wordt er nauwelijks tijd aan besteed, maar vaak bevestigen bijvoorbeeld schoolboekjes de vooroordelen over kunst en kunstenaars nog eens. Daardoor blijven te veel mensen in stereotypen over kunst en kunstenaars denken."
Morel/Overduin in 'Is DAT nou kunst?' 1982 Haagse Kunststichting voor de jeugd.

00-01 - About This Course

".. educators never developed a visual grammar for photographs in the same way that a verbal grammar was developed for words after Gutenberg".
'Visual Communication', Images with messages, 9th edition, Paul Martin LESTER, PDF

01-06 - How to grind a lens in the 17th century?

"Scientists in the 17th century were often noblemen, with time and money at their disposal. Also, quite often, they knew of each other and were sometimes in contact. They were aware of each others inventions and able to collaborate on ideas and resources."
Spinoza en Huygens, een geschakeerde relatie tussen 2 fysici, Wim KLEVER, 2012, Faculteit der Wijsbegeerte, Rotterdam

05-01 - Bodylanguage

A Beginner's Guide to Reading Body Language
Things to consider | Mouths | Eyes | Limbs | Breathing | Posture | Putting it all together

11-05 - The Eyes of Columbus

Columbus’ Confusion About the New World

"The European discovery of America opened possibilities for those with eyes to see. But Columbus was not one of them."
Smithsonian magazine, Edmund S. Morgan, October 2009

11-05 - The Eyes of Columbus

10 Famous Spanish Painters of the 17th Century

"The 17th century marked the Golden Age of Painting in Spain and left us countless priceless works of art. It was a century of change and innovation in art, represented by the geniuses of Diego Velazquez, Zurbaran, Murillo, and countless other masters."
the Collector, May 2, 2020 By Vladislav Tchakarov, BA History

11-05 - The Eyes of Columbus

Tomb of Christopher Columbus

"The tomb was one of the last additions to the cathedral, installed in 1899. It was designed by the sculptor Arturo Melida, and was originally installed in Havana before being moved to Seville after Spain lost control of Cuba .. Unfortunately, after all that effort, in 1877 a very suspicious box was discovered back in Santo Domingo inscribed with the words “The illustrious and excellent man, Don Colon, Admiral of the Ocean Sea."

https://vancouversun.com/uncategorized/travel-community/gold-church-shines-in-old-town https://www.economicshelp.org/blog/7785/concepts/what-happened-to-the-spanish-gold-from-the-incas/ https://mappingspain.com/the-basilica-of-san-juan-de-dios-granadas-best-kept-secret/

12-04 - The Golden Age of Postcards

On the Verso: Postcard Messages as a Key to Popular Prejudices
author: Brooke Baldwin
First published: Winter 1988

12-04 -Hacking the Postcard

With Dr. Mascha Gugganig (Munich Center for Technology in Society) and Sophie Schor (University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Posted on October 16, 2020 by Hannah Quinn

12-04 -Teaching (with) Postcards: Approaches in the classroom, the field, and the community

Mascha Gugganig Technical University Munich
Sophie Schor

This article showcases the pedagogical possibilities of working with postcards for teaching anthropology and related disciplinary fields by introducing a set of multifaceted tools and examples.
DOI: doi.org/10.22582/ta.v9i2.560

12-10 - J'adore Dior perfume advert:

Gold is a dominant theme in all the J'adore advertising campaigns.
Since 2004 the actress and model Charlize Theron has been the official face of 'J'adore'. Dior is renowned for its expensive price tag and affluent consumers as well as its brand values of elegance, beauty, femininity and luxury. A beautiful model in a stunning dress.
Referencing to Roland Barthes semiotic analysis theory the first impression I had towards the image was golden glamour.
There is a strong historical reference in this advert. Marie Antionette married Louis XIV - the 'Sun King'. Their Royal proceedings happened in the Hall of Mirrors. (Leah Marie Brown, 2011) The J'adore bottle is similar to a Greek amphora.
Women purchasing the J'adore fragrance brings empowerment and luxury into their lifestyle Oscar winning actress
The advert proved to be a success as it overtook Chanel No.5 to be the world's leading fragrance

15-00 - Dyslexic people are more likely to be able to visualize in 3 dimensions, turning over what they see in their minds.


15-00 - Manuel da COSTA, working with nature

Manuel da Costa and CIRCLE-24

15-01 - Collage, assemblage and mixed=media works

How do you look at collage and mixed media works? sites.nasher.duke.edu/hdyl/guides/collage-and-mixed-media/

25-00 - Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder - but Memorability May Be Universal

When humans and a neural network viewed pieces of art, they all found the same images memorable. What those images have in common offers a glimpse into what fascinates the brain.



Natural observation suggests that artistic education should increase the ability to focus on the visual aspects of the picture, and consequently to describe it rather in terms of composition, chromatic balance etc. than object-related interpretation. .. This experiment tested the relevance of type of education to the pattern of perception and interpretation of an artwork.

25-03 - Rommert Boonstra