Interested to let your students interact with other schools or cultures around the globe? Let me know and I will bring you in contact.

This course is free of charge, no money is involved. I don't earn from it, but I also don't have any sponsors or access to funding. (so please don't send any e-mails asking me to buy or fund anything).

The course is copyrighted, which does not mean that, in your download, you cannot add or alter subjects to suit your culture or belief. You can print, pass it on or translate it. If you cannot go online in your classroom it is easier to download the complete website first before showing it on a computer or beamer, or print the different topics on demand and circulate it in the class. But you may not sell this course or publish it under a different name. And when you pass it on, please be sure to include my contact address.

Most importantly: get in touch, get in touch! Please let me know what you would like to see changed or added. The program will only get better!
See slides: # 00-01 and # 00-01a

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