4 Detergent bottles assemblage

A three-dimensional collage is generally called an assemblage.
Here is an example of 4 detergent bottles turned into something interesting. When you are going to make something like this, please be careful not to cut yourself! These bottles can be quite sturdy, you will need someone to help you with it. You might as well use milk cartons or sereal packs. It will give you a lighter background as well which makes it stands out better.

see slide: # 15-01

Remember these 5 W's:
- What is your story?
- Who are you and is that somehow visible in this work?
- Who is it for? Is it for somebody special or for a special occasion?
- What colours did you use? Is that reflecting the mood of the story?
- What elements reflect your culture, mood, or the time we live in?

Again, don't forget to make photographs when ready.

How do you look at collage and mixed media works? sites.nasher.duke.edu/hdyl/guides/collage-and-mixed-media/