growing a plant

Learning to SEE is like growing a plant. Basically anyone can do it. Young, old and where ever you are.
Or do you find that boring and 'not cool' too? Wait till you see the result!
Or is it that you don't want to learn? In that case I can't help you, most of the universe is not for you. And you won't get very far with that.

Learning to grow a plant is also not very difficult. Just follow the instructions on the package (or a manual on YouTube or Pinterest) and be very patient.

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Seeing is fun; just look at the one who is sitting next to you. How funny is that?

Let your students tell what they SEE, looking at the person who is sitting next to them, not what they THINK or what their impression is. This may be confronting enough and depicting the exact colour of clothing can already be a challenge.
Who wants to have a go?

I went to see a Hortus, which is a large collection of rare plants in greenhouses and a garden. A Hortus can be hundreds of years old and is usually connectes to a university.
Entering the greenhouse, dusty, humid and very dark, first you only see green plants which basically look the same, but when you take your time you discover lots of weird and often very colourful plants. Again, be patient, take your time.

These lessons are made for you, high school students where ever you are. Better do one lesson well than many in a shallow way. But, while exploring these lessons, your granny or your little kid sister might want to join you.

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Hortus Delft the Netherlands

These photos are enhanced with the Photoshop camera app (PS camera) on my smartphone + Photoshop camera photo filters (free)



I have always been interested in pictures. When I was young, grade 1-2-3, my parents were working and (to prevent me from playing under the bridge) my grandfather had to look after me. Check his telephone and the radio behind him. I had bronchitus, but I was quite used to the smoke of his pipe :-) Now, 'opa' was a little grumpy and we didn't have a lot to say to each other, but he had these terrific bound magazines. Large and heavy folios, old - even for his age- and called 'Katholieke Illustratie'. Not that we were very religious, but the magazines were about news, history, geography that sort of things, very decent, not which so much photographs but with gravures, yes that old.
And for the rest I read every book I could get hold of and comic books. 'Sjors en Jimmy', Kuifje (Tintin for you), Buck Danny, Biggles, Lucky Luke, anything.

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I have three grandsons, 12, 16 and 19 years old. So I think I know a little bit what I am talking about when I say that they spend as much time on their smartphones as they are in school and that is without the time spend gaming.
So to get your attention, I better make this course easy accessible on your phone and, where possible, include games or 'do'- things.
Just read this text and click the yellow words which will give your a picture and get back to the text with the return button on your phone. When you use this course in school or for your home work you can also see all the slides here or just return to the homepage and start all over.

What you see and read here is my personal view on things and you may disagree or not even like it. It is your decision, you decide what is true or not. (I did the text in German because I think it looks cool, but it means: "do you think I am telling the truth?", you already guessed that, right?)

When you do not agree, have learnt things otherwise or know it better, let me know. Send an e-mail, it's not difficult. When you are in class and would like to discuss things with me, ask your teacher to set up a WhatsApp videocall. Let me know on forehand what time and about what, so I come prepared and you don't catch me while I am walking the dog or something. The phone number is in the footer of this page. OK?

  "School sucks!", you say? Well, that is a little predictable. But you will agree that when you could learn to see differently and better it would benefit you in the long run. And hé, it is fun too!

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