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'I Can See' is an online teaching and learning program to improve visual skills. The course is aimed at lower and upper school students (10-14 years), but given the variety of topics, it will be of interest to anyone who wants to improve their visual skills and interpretation.
The lessons are taught on a laptop, tablet or smartphone and learning is done using slides that are either displayed on a screen in the classroom or printed out.
The lessons are divided into chapters, but can be used in any order, depending on the time and age of the students.

This course is accessible worldwide. It is assumed that the teacher can read and understand English, but the course can also be delivered in the student's native language. The slides for the students are mostly self-explanatory.

The idea is to create a worldwide network and there is a strong desire for schools to collaborate by sharing views and practical lessons.

The course and participation are free. You can use it online but you can also download the whole website or the slides.

The program and the slides are protected by copyright. You can download it, use part of it or add more slides and topics, but you are not allowed to change anything or sell it.

photograph from the book 'BANARAS, City of God, Heart of India' by Robert Schilder
'bodylanguage', photograph from the book 'Banaras, City of God, Heart of India' by Robert Schilder