the what-who-when-where-why approach for looking at images. I Can See is an online course in visual interpretation

read this text first >> the 5 W's <<

  • What?:
  • Who?:
  • When?:
  • Where?:
  • Why?:

This is your first try at the 5 W's:

No, there is no need for finding a more interesting picture. After all it is to get you started with a way to look more closely at pictures.
So please, do your best and see what answers you can find.

Here are some possible clues and don't forget to check how much time it took to get your students so far.
- It is a digital photograph
- Who made is is unclear as there is no caption or signature
- When? in years, not too long ago (digital cameras and phones are here for the last 15 years)
- When? time is around noon (looking at he short shadows)
- Where? Now that is interesting. A sunny country, not too dry, a well kept courtyard. A gate to a sports or tennis field*. I can spot flowering bougainville. People are not poor, but not wealthy either. Not very busy, too hot? The garden is well maintained as is the white wash. There is a large sign but I can't read it
- Why? Why on earth would someone take a photo like this? But still it has some atmosphere.

Photo wise:
- The picture is not very straight
- There is no real point where your eye finds some rest or focus.
- Why not make it from a little further away?
- For heaven's sake, where are the people? Put someone in the frame and all the questions are answered

*(it is in fact the back entrance to a tenniscourt in the suburbs of Cairo, 10th of Feb. 2005)