Awareness, Egypt, antiquities police

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'Awareness, Egypt, antiquities police'

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It would have been impossible to do this on the spot. Allthough the guards were there as much to protect the tourists as to protect the antiquities, they were really nice people.

Why have I made that rifle so prominent in the picture?

Ever since I was a kid, I have had this hidden fascination with guns. Is that a boy thing? Or is it because you are not supposed to be fascinated by something that has to do with violence, danger, military, war, etc.?
I guess guns are something normal in quite a few cultures, maybe even part of everyday life.

How many guns do we SEE every day? In games, on TV, in magazines, at parades? Yet, when we see them in real life they will scare the hell out of most of us.

Would it make sense to ban firearms from games?
What do you think?

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