a multi media class project from the 'I Can See' course, 1 of 3
a multi media class project from the 'I Can See' course, 2 of 3
a multi media class project from the 'I Can See' course, 3 of 3

Think in 3 Dimensions

  • Category: Art Exhibition
  • Client: from the exhibition at "Snapshot of a Larger Order"in Schiedam, Florette Dijkstra
  • Project date: 2016
  • Project URL: snapshotschiedam.nl

A slightly advanced project

This one is all about working together as a team. Each student gets a few pieces of cardboard of exactly the same size, e.g. 10x15 cm. On these pieces of cardboard they represent their own culture. You can paint, glue, collage whatever you like as long as it is about who you are and where you come from. For once you may imitate the style as in the examples. It looks a bit 'artsy' does not it? With the spilled paint, the rough snippets and the random objects. But it works quite well and ensures that the different panels, once put together, can be seen as one. Collective ART, I would say.

Is this not a perfect project for exchange with other schools? Far away? In other countries? I can't wait to see your contributions!

Create a layout of the items, do not glue anything yet and discuss the outcome in class.
Is this what was intended?
Maybe one or two students would like to try again? No harm in that!

Then glue it together, as accurately as possible. Take some good photos of it, for the students, the school paper.

See who else is interested in it, which of course depends on the subject. Or have it exhibited in the school, not just in the classroom.
Share the results with other schools from the network, that's what it's there for.

Send it to me and I will show it on the website.

Do not forget, I am available for video calls on Whatsapp as long as you let me know beforehand.
(treat it as something special and valuable, after all it was a joint effort)