#6 Artificial Intelligence (AI)

the pros and the cons

Awareness, Artificial Intelligence - A photographic rendering of a young black man standing in front of a cloudy blue sky, seen through a refractive glass grid and overlaid with a diagram of a neural network.

Image by Alan Warburton / © BBC / Better Images of AI / Quantified Human / Licenced by CC-BY 4.0

Make small groups of 2-3 students.

Take a sheet of paper. Draw a line to divide it in two.

On the left side make a list of items in favour of A.I., and on the right side those that are not or could be dangerous. You may Google, Bing, Yahoo, Reddit, consult Wired (!) or Joeptjoep to your heart's delight, as long as you come up with better ideas than the other groups.

AI is accessing data systems faster and vaster than you can even imagine, but it still needs (thankfully) needs you at the steering wheel to ask the right questions. This article is about making sure you are aware of the huge impact AI is already having on your future.
Artificial Intelligence is already woven into your everyday life: from the ergonomic design of your toilet bowl, the contents of your toothpaste, the timetable of your school bus, your smartphone and computer at school, how food is grown to the TV programs you watch in the evening.

I think this cool picture by Alan Warburton shows this very well.

see slide 04-06