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Awareness -India's rising generation

India's rising generation

'Awareness' -India's rising generation

How did they make postcards like this? Throw them a few coins, put them in line and let them be bewildered be your magic camera??
The children look very ill nourished. They had no chance to going to school like you.
When I was in India for my books, the children of rickshaw drivers had to sit on the floor in front of the class. This caste system is still apparent.

These 'ethno graphic' postcards were very much in use in the beginning of the 20th century. This was about the same time as the great world fair in Bruxelles in Belgium, where they had rebuild 2 African villages complete with 240 people from the Congo, which was at that time a Belgian colony.

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 'ethnographic' postcard from India 'Innocents abroad detail postcard from India 'Innocents abroad'
Innocents Abroad
'ethnographic' postcard, no date

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composed 'ethnographic' postcard - hand coloured - Afrique du Nord
'Types arabes'
composed 'ethnographic' postcard - hand coloured
Afrique du Nord

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 'ethnographic' postcard
Bedouin tent
'Awareness' - 'ethnographic' postcard Bedouin tent

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Awareness - 'ethnographic' postcard' Tanger gate
Tanger gate
Awareness - 'ethnographic' postcard' Tanger gate

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Awareness -Napoleon in exile in Saint-Helena
'Awareness' -Napoleon in exile in Saint-Helena. This particular postcard from the beginning of the 20th century, was made and copied in several countries like Germany and Russia.

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Awareness - chinese barber in the street
'Awareness' - chinese barber in the street

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Awareness -Ostend
Awareness -Ostend, a day out to the sea

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Awareness -Saint Barbara
Saint Barbara
Awareness -Saint Barbara, the guardian angel of tough men like miners and firemen

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Awareness -Man in a paper plane
Man in a paper plane
Awareness -Man in a paper plane, when flying was still a novelty.

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Awareness -Zeppelin over Fernando de Noronha
Awareness - Zeppelin over Fernando de Noronha
Just before the Second World War, they really flew in a zeppelin from Germany to Brazil, the other end of the world really, underway passing this beautiful little island in the South Atlantic. I went there once in a sailing boat, how's that?

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postcard 1905 by F.H. Nowell, # 1997 - Mickaninnies' Laundry, Alaska
Awareness - Inuit, Alaska
copyright 1905 by F.H. Nowell, postcard # 1997 - Mickaninnies' Laundry, Alaska

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'throw them a few coins'
Awareness -'throw them a few coins'
the effect of throwing a handful of cowrie shells (at the time regarded as money) in a crowd

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Well, what are you waiting for?
Go to your local thrift shop and see what you can find for postcards. You can use them later for your collages and other projects!